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There must be an easier way

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Two things have always frustrated me about the ‘Current iTunes Song’ status in iChat

1. The default state of this message is available – What is the point of putting up a message telling people what you are doing (or listening to) if at the same time you invite them to interrupt you with an IM?

2. The format of the message should be ‘Artist – Track’ but instead shows up as ‘Track – Artist’.  It should be reversed.  

Now I know there are command-line inputs which will correct this, but why can’t Apple just put this into iChat’s Preferences UI?  If one of the goals of OS X is usability, why not put a UI in front of as much functionality as possible?  Unless they know where to look, most people will eventually ask, “How do I turn this off?”  This is exactly the problem I see with not having any interface for these things: the changes are essentially permanent until someone figures out how to solve the problem.  If a normal user has to open a Terminal window to make these kinds of changes, more work is needed to make the software more accessible.  Windows also suffers from the same kinds of problems with the Command Prompt.  Whoever decided that the Recovery Console should be password protected obviously has never lost a password and had to rack their brain until they figured out how to access a hard drive that will not boot up.  Because most people will only ever access this through a command line, further transparency is needed.  While I understand those who will say that Terminal and the Command Prompt are powerful tools which get things done without messing around, some of the things they do (In terms of UI) really should be exposed in a way that typical users can take advantage of these features.


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January 14, 2009 at 3:43 pm

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