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In the middle of Peter-Paul Koch’s self-proclaimed rant about the deficiencies and altogether failure of the App Store approval process (which I am NOT commenting on) I noticed something which explains, at least in part, what I believe to be the major reason web technologies have not matured to the extent their desktop counterparts have: Desktop programmers are scared out of their minds and are fighting to hold back applications which depend heavily on the use of these tools.

But the so-called “real” developers aren’t confronting their fear. They’re covering it up with arrogance.

They dismiss Web technologies as toys for children. JavaScript is just this little language that cannot possibly compare to real technologies such as the one they’re using. HTML is too simple. Real programmers don’t do that stuff. As to Web developers, they are just glorified pixel-pushers that should in no circumstance be taken seriously.

After ten years I am fucking tired of the “Web development is not real programming” bullshit that the arrogant bastards in “real programming” are spouting because they’re too frightened to learn something new.

OK, maybe JavaScript and CSS don’t have what it takes to replace traditional desktop programming quite yet. Still, I feel like it doesn’t get the respect it deserves.  To you sir, I say, “Bravo! Keep fighting the good fight”.


Written by @chrisfinazzo

November 25, 2009 at 4:23 pm

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