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After trying to find a way to make up for not being able to sync To-Do’s natively (It’s already been done for Notes, To-Do’s seems like a logical next step…) and not being satisfied with the choices, I came across Things by Cultured Code. At first, everything worked well, basic functionality and even some advanced sorting features – Project support and Tags – were there. Thinking about the problem a bit more, there’s one place where the app still can’t compete with the heavyweights of the category: support for the Getting Things Done productivity method. I looked at OmniFocus – the heavyweight of iPhone To-Do apps and evangelized by one Merlin Mann – but it’s probably more than I need at this point. Instead I would really like to see something like an advanced ‘GTD Mode’ with support for Contexts (Use tags in ‘Basic’ mode and ‘Contexts’ for GTD). Cultured Code has a solid base to build on, I just hope they keep listening to the feedback and find ways to improve the app to serve those who can’t make use of (or don’t need) all the features of a full GTD solution.


Written by @chrisfinazzo

September 11, 2009 at 12:15 pm

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