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From John Nack’s “Adobe Snow Leopard FAQ

Surprised and disappointed that you haven’t tested it on CS3. It’s not exactly 5 releases previous is it?

[I found that really surprising, too, and I’ll try to get more info. I’d frankly be shocked if people at Adobe & Apple really hadn’t tested CS3 on 10.6. I *think* it’s just some corporate conservatism at work here, and Adobe doesn’t want to over-promise anything. As I say, though, I’ll try to find out more. –J.]

If only we knew for sure…I’m not ready to put down $500-600 for CS4 if CS5 is potentially out early next year.  Snow Leopard should arrive on Friday (Pre-ordered from Apple), might have a better answer by then.


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August 26, 2009 at 11:49 am

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