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iPhone OS 3.0 – The Scorecard

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Now that Apple has officially announced the feature set for iPhone OS 3.0, here’s how my predictions held up: 


Cut/Copy/Paste (If Kevin Rose is right about how this will be done, I’ll be happy)


Result: True.  As predicted, Rose was pretty much spot on with this feature.  While I’m not sure how much “re-training” will be needed to easily use the gestures, it’s good that this feature has finally been worked out.  


Flash (I’m doing web design – Until HTML 5 is rock solid, I need this.)


Result: False. Saying they had nothing to announce with regard to Flash makes me believe that like Cut/Copy/Paste and the Push Notification Server in previous versions, this is still a work in progress.  For it to really work, Apple will probably have to allow Adobe to access Private APIs that still are closed to most developers (a la Google’s involvement with Maps)


Background functionality (Whether this is through notifications, processes or whatever, I want it.)


Result: True. The Notification Service looks like it’s ready to go, and this probably allows them to test it further before Snow Leopard Server gives it to corporate users or people who work with large deployments. Forstall mentioned ESPN’s plans for its iPhone app as a reason that the service didn’t go live in September.  On a personal level, I’m really excited that Meebo is launching a native app to fill the void of not having iChat for iPhone, with notifications, this finally makes sense.  After the initial delay for this and the less than stellar MobileMe/iPhone 3G launch, I guess Apple learned just how hard it is to support a large install base with a limited number of resources at your disposal.  


Shared “sandbox” (I like this idea – The fact that ALL apps can’t share data is crazy, if this is in the SDK somewhere, it should be a public API)


Result: False.  My guess is that this level of integration (similar to what the built-in apps can do now) is still hard to do, without a quick way to see which apps are active – either “open” or “listening” for notifications, this probably doesn’t make much sense yet.


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March 18, 2009 at 7:46 pm

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